Amla- Daily dose of Vitamin "C"

Amla- Daily dose of Vitamin "C"

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Amla- Your daily dose of Vitamin C

Amla also known as Indian gooseberry, Amalaki, Phyllanthus Emblica, emblic myrobalan, or Malacca tree is a distinctly potent plant known for its numerous healing purposes. It is loaded with high amounts of  Vitamin C. Furthermore, its other chemical compositions add loads of properties, making it a superfood.

Chemical Composition

Amla is a natural and rich superfood filled with loads of  Vitamin C. It also has a high density of ellagitannins (a type of polyphenol), this chemical is the main reason behind its bitter & sour taste. Moreover, it contains nutrients like Vitamin A, phyllanembilin, and polyphenols like kaempferol, ellagic acid, flavonoids, and gallic acid. 

Due to the presence of such diverse nutrients, Amla has properties like: antioxidant, immunity booster, reduce uric acid in blood, mild laxative property, protects memory, and much more. Moving ahead, let’s discover various applications and benefits of Amla.

Its Uses & Remedies Against Countless Ailments

Health Benefits Of Amla

Amla health benefits

Improves Digestion

The fiber present in Indian gooseberries assists in regulating bowel movements resulting in better digestion (Pachana). Its mild laxative property helps in the easy ejection of stool which is a good sign in terms of digestion. Not only do they have this but Amla incurs high levels of Vitamin C, resulting in absorption of nutrients from food especially in iron and other mineral supplements. We also recommend you to use Triphala Juice Natural Laxative for better digestion.

  • Boosts Immunity
  • So now we all know that Amla is a powerhouse of Vitamin C that makes it an amazing immune booster. Eating Phyllanthus Emblica regularly in your diet increases the number of WBC (white blood cells) making the body’s immune system stronger. Better immunity means protection against infections, flush out toxins, and allergies. Also, your body creates a shield against inflammation and harmful bacteria. Additionally, it assists you with cancer & heart-related ailments. Intake of Amla Juice Natural Immunity Booster may help you achieve your immunity goals faster.

  • Brain Health
  • Amla benefits memory by fighting against free radicals in the body that can easily damage and attack brain cells. The antioxidant property helps in achieving brain health. Further, it assists in producing norepinephrine; norepinephrine is an organic nutrient that functions in brain activities. 

  • Enhances Eyesight
  • Amla contains Vitamin A that is the key to improving eyesight. Vitamin A also helps in lowering the risk of age-related ailments. Besides, Vitamin C protects the eye by fighting against bacteria and other toxins from entering. It relieves problems such as itching, watering eyes, cataracts, and prevents reddening of eyes.

  • Diabetes
  • Intake of Amla is responsible to slow the rate of the body absorbing sugar. In this way, a person suffering from diabetic problems can escape from blood sugar spikes. As a result, glucose metabolism improves which reduces blood sugar levels. Eating a raw Indian gooseberry in the morning daily helps in maintaining insulin levels.

  • Relieves Pain
  • Amla balances Vata dosha. One having unbalanced vata usually suffers from chronic diseases like joint aches, mouth ulcers, arthritis, and common pain. Intake of it improves mobility (movement of the body) and relieves the pain due to its anti-inflammatory property. 

  • Amla Benefits for Hair
  • Amla has antifungal and antiviral properties thereby it is considered as a hair tonic assisting in curing hair dandruff, increases volume, prevents hair loss, strengthens hair follicles, increases blood circulation to the scalp, and slows down greying/whitening of the hair. Many use this hair oil to accomplish silky, shiny, and long hair. Besides hair oil, there are Amla shampoos available too that work similarly to hair oil.

    Use of Amla

    As discussed, Amla is a superficial food. Thus, it can blend in with many other herbs and shrubs to come up with an exclusively beneficial new product. Below are the various products:

    • Amla Powder (dry amla berries are crushed into fine particles)
    • Juice (cold pressed fresh amla fruit juice)
    • Pickle (one can process amla to make either a sour pickle or sweet pickle [murabba]) 
    • Triphala (Combination of Amla, Haritaki, & Bahera)
    • Combo Juice (Mixture of Amla + Giloy)
    • Chyawanprash (Amla + 55 essential herbs), etc.

    Final Words

    In Ayurveda, the implementation of Amla is regular for years and now to treat several ailments. This superfood entails many qualities and nutrients for healthier well-being. Its diverse use makes it an easy-going consumable. Moreover, it has numerous benefits for health. Consider it in your daily routine and enjoy healthy living.

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