Immunity Booster Juice
Diabic Care Juice
jivan sanjivani immunity booster
Jeevan Sanjeevani Kwath | 9 Herbs Juice in 1
from ₹ 430
organic aloe vera juice
Aloe Vera Juice Daily Health Drink
from ₹ 240 Regular price ₹ 250 Save ₹ 10
pure amla juice
Amla Juice Natural Immunity Booster
from ₹ 220 Regular price ₹ 230 Save ₹ 10
aloe amla mix juice
Aloe-Amla Mix Juice A Perfect Mix for Healthy Body
from ₹ 250
Fat Reducer Juice
Fat Reducer Juice Reduces Fatness Naturally
from ₹ 400
Triphala Juice
Triphala Juice Natural Laxative
from ₹ 270 Regular price ₹ 280 Save ₹ 10
Giloy Tulsi Juice Immunity Booster
Giloy Tulsi Juice Immunity Booster
from ₹ 310 Regular price ₹ 320 Save ₹ 10
Karela Jamun Mix
Karela Jamun Mix Juice Helps Regulates Blood Sugar Naturally
from ₹ 280 Regular price ₹ 330 Save ₹ 50
Wheat Grass Juice
Wheatgrass Juice Finest Herbal Detoxifier
from ₹ 440 Regular price ₹ 450 Save ₹ 10
Giloy Juice
Giloy Juice Immunity Booster
from ₹ 310 Regular price ₹ 320 Save ₹ 10
Organic and Natural Signs
Organic and Natural Signs
Immunity Booster
Jeevan Sanjeevani
Juice that is made from ayurvedic immunity herbs like geloy, amla, neem, tulsi, and more.
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₹ 430
Amla Juice
Juice has been extracted from Indian Gooseberry or Amla to provide multiple health benefits for an active body and mind.
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₹ 220
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From our customers


I am Dr.Sangeeta,an ayurvedic physician practicing in Bangalore, Karnataka. I am very happy to inform you that your product kidney ReLive has worked wonderfully. I had given it to my father who is 62yrs and had CKD since 5 yrs and his creatinine level had shot up drastically to 4.8 and after taking your medicine for 6 months now his creatinine level 1 that is absolutely within normal range… I am very thankful for the wonderful product and would like to prescribe it to my patients too.

– Dr. Sangeeta

मेरा creatitine 3.8 था। aurvedic उपचार के बाद 3 हो गया। लेकिन जब आपने kidney-relive मुझे दी। एक महीने मै ही creatitine 0.94 आगया। जो normal है।

– Sanjay Saxena

Very pleased with the effects of Neem karela Jamun Juice. Pigmentation on my face is slowing reducing and face started glowing. Keep up the good work.

– Prabhu

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