ayurveda and corona

Importance of Ayurveda in a Post-Pandemic World

In the past few years, the pandemic has created havoc among people, the economy and medicine. It has put the world of medicine, and preventive healthcare into a frenzy. The pressure on the medical industry has mounted like never before. In India, people have turned to their roots and adopted the pure living lifestyle. They have shifted their choices from preventive healthcare to natural remedies to boot immunity. Ayurveda has made a strong foothold during the pandemic years and continues to be growing as the preferred form of medicine among many. More and more people are adopting and getting acquainted with the concept of Ayurveda and its benefits. Here, let us see how and why Ayurveda is a good choice when it comes to staying healthy in a post-pandemic world.

Trusted Tradition

Ayurveda, as we know it, is backed by centuries of practice and by the unique formulations inspired by and taken from nature. India is known for its connection with nature. We have breathing techniques like Pranayam that has several health advantages. Yoga and meditation have been embraced and practised across the globe. Our humble methods have global appeal and is effective in fight against the pandemic. It makes a person more resilient and receptive to modern treatment methods.

Boosts immunity

Ayurveda provides immunity-boosting benefits. It is known to benefit all kinds of health problems and peculiarities. It also has no side effects making it completely safe for all age groups and people with underlying health conditions. It has become a daily partner on the road to a healthy life for many people. Kadhas, for example, were a hit in the times of COVID-19. It provided people with a sense of security, helped build immunity, and gave strength to the body to fight external factors. The simple formulations of Ayurveda keep the essence and the natural properties of the ingredients taken from nature. These pure ingredients help the body adapt to new changes and build immunity in a way that is hard to destroy.

Fights Pollution

In Ayurveda, it is believed that polluted air or environment can lead to a spike in viral infections. Ayurveda suggests different ways to purify the air we breathe. The use of Dhup for fumigation is common in our culture. This particular product is made with extracts of various plants that have anti-microbial properties to help fumigate the air we breathe. It also helps keep insects such as mosquitoes away. Ayurveda also advocates the use of Neem leaves and karpoora for fumigation.

Cleans water

Because Ayurveda is based on the principles of purity, it recognises the importance of clean unadulterated water. It states the dangers of polluted and contaminated water. Boiling water kills the harmful bacteria in it and helps avoid diseases. It also helps in controlling the pandemic effects. Exposing water to sunlight is also known to be beneficial. Thanks to Ayurveda the three-way purification system was developed where a filter system is created with sand-filled wooden cokes and sand-filled pots that allow the water to slowly trickle down as a pure form.

The future is bright for Ayurveda as now there are scientific research being conducted into many of the claims made by practitioners of this field of medicine.

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