Ayurvedic Herbs for Blood Pressure

Ayurvedic Herbs for Blood Pressure

Control your BP with these 5 Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic Herbs for Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure refers to the condition when blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels. It is no longer a chronic condition affecting the elderly. Many people have been affected by it at a younger age. The overall lifestyle and stress levels have contributed to a surge in the number of high blood pressure patients in India. It affects both men and women and statistics reveal an alarming rise in hypertension cases with one billion people worldwide being affected. High blood pressure affects one in four adults and is a significant risk factor for deaths across the globe. However, with the right medication and care, high blood pressure can be managed. Ayurveda is effective in controlling blood pressure and herbs can be beneficial for improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure. 

How can Ayurveda help control BP?

The heart is a vital organ and protecting it is essential to living a long and healthy life. Improper diet, lifestyle and stress are responsible for elevating blood pressure. Lack of proper sleep, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of meat, fats or oily food, addictions like tobacco or alcohol, etc. are the factors that cause high blood pressure. Additionally, a family history may increase the chances of developing hypertension. Ayurveda is effective in preventing and managing cardiovascular diseases. Ayurveda refers to high blood pressure as Raktagata Vata. The vitiated Vata gets stuck in the Rakta Dhatu or blood, causing circulatory disturbances. 

Ayurveda believes in eliminating the root cause rather than focusing on the symptoms.  Panchakarma re-establishes heart health and obliterates toxins from the body. Ayurveda has many herbs that are effective for controlling blood pressure including ashwagandha, amla, jatamanasi, etc. Take your medicines regularly and check your blood pressure as advised and try incorporating Ayurvedic herbs to regulate your blood pressure. Natural remedies can support cardiac function providing significant relief from symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, palpitations, and chest discomfort and reducing cardiovascular disease risks.

Here are five Ayurvedic Herbs that can work wonders in controlling your blood pressure.

  1. Sarpagandha
  2. Shankhpushpi 
  3. Jatamansi
  4. Bach
  5. Rudraksh

Let’s explore the benefits of these herbs.


A time-tested solution for tackling high blood pressure consists of a miraculous Ayurvedic herb - Sarpangandha. The name translated from Sanskrit to English as snake root and it is also known as Serpentina root, devil pepper, or serpentine root. It is popular in the medicinal world for its antihypertensive and antipsychotic effects. The powered root derivative of the Sarpagandha plant is a potent natural solution for managing the symptoms of high blood pressure. Sarpagandha relaxes the blood vessels and regulates nerve function in the muscles leading to the heart. Thus, bringing down blood pressure and facilitating blood circulation through the heart passages at a normal, healthy pace. Thus, it is an effective herbal remedy for alleviating high blood pressure and improving heart health.


Shankhpushpi, a herb with conch-shaped flowers aids in enhancing concentration and learning capabilities while reducing insomnia, mental fatigue, depression, anxiety, and stress. Known as morning-glory, aloe weed, or speed wheel in English, Shankhapushpi has active components that make it an appropriate remedy for people suffering from hypertension. It prevents arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries and helps manage anxiety and stress-induced blood pressure. Due to its Medhya or intelligence-improving properties, it relaxes the nervous system and lowers anxiety and stress. It is effective in reducing the risk of strokes and preventing heart-related ailments. Thus, this herb works as an amazon natural remedy for controlling blood pressure.


A flowering plant, Jatamansi is called Spikenard or Nardin in English and has been used extensively in Ayurveda for decades. A miraculous herb that lowers blood pressure and is effective in maintaining both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the measure of the pressure the arteries are under when the heart beats. Diastolic blood pressure is the measure of the pressure the arteries are under when the heart rests between beats. Both these numbers are important for monitoring heart health. It regulates blood circulation and heart rate, optimizing the overall functioning of the heart. Jatamansi prevents changes in the lipid profile thereby benefiting the heart further and dealing with any problems that interfere with the blood circulation process.


A semi-aquatic plant that is also known as Vacha, Bach is a herbal plant called Sweet flag, Calamus, or Myrtle grass in English. It is very rich in medicinal value and is used for improving speech, memory, and intelligence, reducing anxiety and blood pressure, and many other applications. Bach can lower blood pressure by slowing down heart activity. Therefore, it is essential to regularly monitor blood pressure if it is combined with anti-hypertensive drugs. 


Rudraksh is a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal plant that is known for relieving stress and reducing anxiety and hypertension. Known as Ultrasum bead tree or Wooden Beggar bead, it is effective in lowering blood pressure and calms down the nervous system. It promotes cardiac functioning, regulates blood circulation, and controls blood pressure. 

Natural Treatment for Blood Pressure

A combination of the five herbs Sarpagandha, Shankhpushpi, Jatamansi, Bach, and Rudraksh is effective in controlling blood pressure. Ayurvedic formulations that consist of these magical herbs will help relieve your concerns about hypertension and have a positive impact on your heart health. Trust Ayurveda which is known for regulating blood pressure and maintaining cardiovascular health for centuries. A classic ayurvedic blend of Jatamansi, Rudraksha, Bach, Sankhpushpi, and Sarpagandha helps to naturally maintain good blood pressure. They work to reduce cholesterol, improve cardiac function, and maintain a healthy blood pressure level.  

Ayurveda for Heart Health

Ayurveda provides the finest herbs that increase the contents of essential nutrients to lower blood pressure and improve heart functioning. These herbs rejuvenate the cardiovascular system and strengthen and tone the cardiac muscles. Ayurvedic herbs are brilliant on their own and powerful when combined to enhance the healing effects. For example, -the herb Bach is useful in handling pain and emotional problems and Jatamansi reduces anxiety. When combined, these potent herbs improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol levels resulting in enhanced heart health. 

Reducing bad cholesterol is essential for maintaining a healthy heart which can in turn reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. The blend of Ayurvedic herbs combining Jatamansi, Rudraksha, Bach, Sankhpushpi, and Sarpagandha gets rid of trans fats and increases soluble fiber thereby reducing bad cholesterol levels. Try these five Ayurvedic herbs to control your blood pressure and preserve your heart health.

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