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Natural Solution for Acne

Acne breakouts can be a real confidence killer. You might feel like you're doing everything right, eating the right foods, and drinking enough water, and yet that stubborn acne may still pop up at the worst times.

From blackheads to whiteheads to pimples, acne can be hard to tame. The condition can't be treated by skincare alone; it requires a treatment regimen that includes medicines, external therapies, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes. Ayurveda offers a holistic approach that can help both prevent and heal acne.

Read on to learn about natural solutions for acne that can help you with various skin problems and keep your skin healthy. But before that, let's first understand the causes and symptoms of this condition. This way, you can avoid situations that trigger acne breakouts and identify symptoms and suitable measures to treat them.

What is acne?

It is a bothersome skin issue that happens when your skin pores get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. It's quite common and many people experience it in their lifetime, especially during their teenage years when their skin produces more oil. But acne doesn't have an age limit; even folks in their 40s and 50s can experience adult acne.

Acne not only causes pain but also affects physical appearance and one's self-esteem and confidence.

Causes and Symptoms of Acne

Acne begins when your skin pores become clogged due to the build-up of oil and dead skin cells. Your pores are connected to a sebaceous gland, which produces natural oil (sebum) to keep your skin moisturized. However, when there is excessive sebum, it can block the pores, and promote the growth of bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes.

Your body's immune cells attack the P. acnes bacteria which leads to skin inflammation and the formation of acne. The breakouts are large, painful lumps under your skin, some of which may contain pus while others might not.


The signs and symptoms of acne can differ based on its type:


  • Blackheads: Dark spots caused by excess sebum and dirt
  • Whiteheads: Painful bumps with trapped bacteria, dead skin, and pus.
  • Papules: Small red bumps due to clogged pores.
  • Pustules: Larger, painful bumps filled with pus and blood, prone to scarring if picked.
  • Fungal Acne: Inflamed and itchy bumps triggered by yeast infection, can scar with frequent picking.
  • Nodules: Deep-rooted, painful, and challenging to treat hardened pimples.


A few common factors that may contribute to the condition include:

  • Genetics: While genes are not solely responsible for causing acne, research indicates that genetics can influence your likelihood of experiencing acne. It plays a role in how effectively your immune system fights off acne-causing bacteria. When not properly controlled, P. acnes can trigger increased oil production in the follicle, leading to inflammation.
  • Hormonal Changes: Fluctuations in androgen (sex hormone) levels cause the development of acne. During hormonal changes, there is an increased sebum production. Hormonal imbalances may also affect your normal shedding of dead skin cells and lead to clogged pores. Factors such as puberty, the menstrual cycle, and conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) may further contribute to these effects.
  • Stress: Stress doesn't directly cause acne but it can make it worse by influencing your hormone balance. Stress affects both hormonal balance and the immune function of the skin. When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol, which may lead to the worsening of acne.
  • Diet: Consumption of oily and high-carb foods such as chips, and chocolates, makes the androgen hormones more active and leads to sebum production resulting in acne.
  • Medication: Acne can be a side effect of certain medications or supplements that contain corticosteroids, testosterone, or lithium. Chronic medication can also affect hormones and trigger acne breakouts.
  • Make-Up Products: Makeup products contain chemicals that can block and irritate the skin pores, leading to acne. 

Natural Solution for Acne

Now, we are getting to the part you've been waiting for. We understand that dealing with recurring acne can be frustrating. Choosing Ayurvedic acne treatment is a safe and effective way to address this issue. Here are some of the top Ayurvedic products that can treat and prevent various types of acne breakouts.


Skin & Pimple Care Juice

It's an herbal decoction that helps combat skin problems and maintain healthy skin. The juice is a perfect natural solution for acne as it aids in treating the condition from within by purifying your blood and eliminating free radicals from your body.

Skin & Pimple Care Juice contains Manjistha and Sankhpushpi. Manjistha is known for its antioxidant properties that inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Sankhpushpi prevents excess sebum production in your skin, clears clogged pores, and reduces inflammation. The juice also contains 14 other herbs that promote healthy skin. So, even if you don't have acne, you can regularly consume Skin & Pimple Care Juice to achieve naturally glowing, youthful skin. 

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera has antibacterial qualities, which are likely what makes it effective for topical use in treating acne. It also speeds up the healing process of a pimple. Aloe vera acts as an astringent and aids in the removal of excess oil from a pimple. If you experience boils or cysts, aloe vera can effectively treat them due to its anti-fungal properties. When applied daily, it is also beneficial for lightening any scars caused by acne. If you regularly use makeup, incorporate aloe vera gel into your skincare routine to help your skin in recovery.

Krishna Ayurveda aloe vera gel is the best aloe vera gel for your face as it is directly taken from the plant, and is free of any silicones, sulfates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances.

Aloe Vera Walnut Scrub

As discussed earlier, due to the disruption of the shedding of dead skin cells, the skin pores get blocked which leads to acne. This scrub helps exfoliate dead skin cells and revitalize your skin. The scrub contains walnut shells that are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and have amazing pimple-clearing properties. Walnut also combats acne-causing bacteria and other infectious germs which help speed up skin cell turnover.

Aloe vera walnut scrub is a natural acne solution for anyone with oily skin. It is not harsh like other products and helps reduce greasiness by absorbing excess sebum secretion.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Acne

Ayurveda believes that acne results from an imbalance in the Kapha and Vata doshas, as well as the Rakta dhatu (blood tissue). The imbalance of these doshas and tissue is believed to lead to the blockage of the sebaceous gland in your skin, causing the development of acne.

Ayurvedic treatments focus on balancing your doshas, detoxifying your body, improving digestion, and nourishing your skin. So it is advisable to consult an Ayurvedic doctor if you suffer from recurrent severe acne problems.

In Ayurveda, there are mainly two types of treatments: purification treatment (Shodhana Chikitsa) and palliative treatment (Shamana Chikitsa). In purification treatment, the aim is to eliminate accumulated toxins from your body including blood circulation. This aids in cleansing and detoxifying, reducing the chances of Kapha and Pitta disorders to recur.

Palliative treatment focuses on restoring your doshas to their normal state and bringing about a balanced equilibrium in your body. Ayurveda also emphasizes balancing your diet, which plays a crucial role in triggering acne.

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Wrapping Up

Following an effective detox routine and a proper diet will help your body respond better and faster to the above-mentioned natural solutions for acne. So, prioritize these aspects while indulging your skin in these acne remedies!


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