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Benefits of Swarna Prashan

Ayurvedic Immunity Booster for Children

Human health is a fragile concept and the recent pandemic has proven how important it is to stay fit and build immunity. Protecting the body from external invaders that hamper its functioning is essential to lead a healthy life. Children can develop a strong immune system with a healthy diet, regular activity, and proper sleep. Immunity boosters play a role in developing immunity and give strength to fight off infections. Ayurveda has a rich treasure of herbs and solutions that provide solutions to enhance immunity in children. One of the sixteen sanskaras or regimens mentioned in the ancient text for pediatrics is “Swarna Prashan”. Swarna Prashan’s benefits are described in an ancient textbook “Kashyapa Samhita” for improving overall health in children. 

According to Ayurveda, the human body requires the appropriate nourishment that supports physical and mental development which can sustain the body till old age. Therefore, Swarna Prashan with gold is recommended to be administered after birth and to be continued up to the age of sixteen years. 

What is Swarna Prashan?

Swarna Prashan is derived from two words - “Swarna” which refers to the noble metal gold, and “Prashana” which means consuming, ingesting, or eating. Swarna Prashan drops are well-known for enhancing immunity, promoting development, improving digestion, and boosting growth, memory, intelligence, and strength in the child. Administering pure gold bhasma to children is an age-old Ayurvedic practice. Swarna Prashan is prepared by mixing swarna bhasma or pure gold bhasma with Madhu or honey and Brahmi Ghrit or ghee. Brahmi Ghrit includes a mix of Ayurvedic herbs such as Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Amaltas, Dantimool, Shikhakai, Mariach, Vaividang, Pipali, Nishoth Kail, Sonth, and Nishoth Safed in the prescribed quantities. 

Benefits of Swarna Prashan

Swarna Prashan drops can be given to children aged between 0 to 16 years for improving their intellect, digestion, metabolism, physical strength, and immunity. Ayurveda scriptures have highlighted the following benefits of Swarna Prashan for children:

  • Medha - improves the intellect
  • Agni - enhances digestive and metabolism 
  • Bala - builds strength and immunity
  • Aayush - healthy long life
  • Mangalam - considered auspicious
  • Punyam - believed to be virtuous
  • Vrushyam - an aphrodisiac
  • Varnya - improves complexion
  • Grahapaham - eliminates the evil effects of all the planets

Let’s explore the Swarna Prashan benefits.

Boost Immunity

Our body has a natural tendency to check micro-organisms that spread infections. The body works to reduce the intensity of these organisms and deactivate them. This is referred to as Vyadhikshamtva or immunity. Improving the immunity in children extends their ability to prevent and fight infections in the body and ensures growth. Swarna Prashan acts as an oral immunity booster and its ingredients are known to enhance the body’s immunity. 

Infants and children below five years of age have low immunity and are more vulnerable to infections. Administering Swarna Prashan drops to children as per the recommended doses can help build a better immune system. Thus, reducing the likelihood of falling prey to common infections such as fever, cough, or cold. Swarna Prashan contains natural immunity-boosting agents that strengthen the body and protect it from harmful infections.

Memory Enhancement 

Children are able to retain memories by the age of six months i.e. they are able to retain what they hear or see for a long time. Swarna Prashan improves grasping power, attention, and memory retention capabilities in children. It is a well-known Ayurvedic preparation for improving memory and promoting the overall brain health of growing children. 

Improving the Digestive System

Children need to have a strong digestive system and metabolism for healthy growth. Swarna Prashan accelerates the digestive processes and assists in the absorption of essential nutrients from food consumed. Gastric discomfort is common among children and it can hamper their appetite. Swarna Prashan helps improve the appetite which plays a crucial role in healthy growth. 

Skin Nourishment

Healthy skin is a positive indicator of good health. Swarna Prashan works on eliminating toxins and unwanted elements from the body thereby detoxifying the body. Further, it improves blood circulation and improves the skin’s texture, imparting a glow to it. Skin feels nourished with visible results. 

Alleviates Mental Agitation

Among the many benefits of Swarna Prashan, it reduces temper tantrums in children. It has a calming effect on the mind and is beneficial for children with autism, learning difficulties, attention deficit disorders, and hyperactivity.  

Overall Physical and Mental Health

Along with specific benefits for the different bodily systems, Swarna Prashan stimulates the nervous system promoting overall physical and mental health. It also improves hearing and vision. 

How Swarna Prashan works?

Swarna Prashan with gold is an age-old Ayurvedic practice to prevent infections by administering gold orally. It fulfills the basic motive of Ayurveda, i.e. preventive measures or Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanm. Gold is the main ingredient of Swarna Prashan and it undergoes a special process to be converted into swarna bhasma since it cannot be ingested directly in its pure form. Gold’s properties to boost immunity and improve memory are well-known. The other component of Swarna Prashan is honey which helps the body fight against allergens, acts against inflammation, and improves digestion. The third essential constituent of Swarna Prashan is the Brahmi Ghrita or Ghee which acts as the medium for the preparation of herbal medicine.  The unique medicinal properties of the herbs added to the Ghrita are acquired by the mixture and are beneficial. 

Explore the Time-tested Benefits of Swarna Prashan

Take Swarna Prashan on an empty stomach in the morning for best results. After administering the drops, avoid consuming food or liquids for at least 30 minutes. Avoid giving the drops if the child is suffering from a fever or cold. Swarna Prashan benefits are believed to be doubled on the auspicious day of Pushya Nakshatra. Pushya is one among the 27 nakshatras, and it means “to nourish”. This Nakshatra is believed to provide energy and power and hence administering Swarna Prashan is likely to bring positive outcomes on Pushya Nakshatra days. Many people start administering Swarna Prashan drops on Pushta Nakshatra and continue them daily for at least a year for complete and maximum benefits. 

The aim of Swarna Prashan is for children to attain a sharp intellect, immune power, and a long healthy life. It is a unique immunization practice from the Vedic times that is prevalent in several parts of India to date. Swarna Prashan drops can be given to infants from birth and up to the age of sixteen years to benefit from its therapeutic effects enhancing memory, intelligence, and immunity.

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