Krishna's Herbal & Ayurveda Adusa Juice ( Malabar Nut )

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Krishna's Herbal & Ayurveda Adusa Juice ( Malabar Nut )

SKU: R-216
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Benefits of Krishna’s Adusa Juice

Adusa is a shrubby plant with white blooms. Its leaves are used medicinally because of their antitussive, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities. Its leaf juice is a popular home care for coughs, respiratory illnesses, and bleeding problems. It's also an excellent natural remedy for respiratory infections. Thus, Krishna Ayurveda has natural Adusa juice for you to enhance your immunity and wellness.

Adusa Leaf Juice has the following therapeutic properties: antitussive – relieves coughing,  purgative - aids in the process of expectoration, theophylline – expands the bronchial tubes, anti-microbial — destroys and inhibits the growth of all microorganisms, anti-inflammatory – decreases airway inflammation, antihemorrhagic - helps stop bleeding, weak sedative – helps to relax the mind.

  • As An Oral Care - Adusa juice includes phytonutrients such as saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, and tannins that help to treat toothaches and gum discomfort. It also contains substances like hydrogen peroxide, calcium, and a few vitamins that help to reduce soreness and keep your teeth healthy. Adusa juice also assists in the healing of mouth ulcers.

  • Cough - Adusa juice's antitussive and expectorant qualities aids in cough relief. It has effects similar to codeine. Wheezing can be relieved with Adusa juice. Coughing up sputum is difficult, but it can be controlled, as can fever.

  • Treats Shortness of Breath - Cough and respiratory issues are relieved by extracting the juice of fresh Adusa leaves. Dry cough can be cured by drinking a bouillon of Adusa juice two to three times a day. Another illness that may be healed by Adusa juice is asthma. It can assist to reduce inflammation in the lungs and airways. 

  • At Times Of Menarche - Adusa juice can also be used to treat menstrual irregularities in women. It is preferable to use adusa juice to stop heavy bleeding. You will be free of dread and tears as a consequence. It also helps with the Pee Problem. This issue can be solved with just a few milligrams of Adusa juice.

  • Sinusitis - Sinusitis is a condition in which the fluid in your sinuses becomes blocked, a sensation of inflammation, and facial pain. The obstruction of the sinuses might lead to an infection. Get an Adusa Juice as soon as possible to help treat your sinusitis. Remove blockages from your sinuses and breathe freely every second of your life.



    1. Keep in a cool and dry place.
    3. Consume within one month after opening.

    Finest Quality Natural Product

    Being a natural product, taste and color may vary between batches. Sedimentation is a natural process and defines that the product is genuine and natural. No thickness agent is added.

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