Durva Grass Juice Useful in Acidity

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Durva Grass Juice
Durva Grass Juice Pack
Benefits Of Durva Grass Juice
Benefits Of Durva Grass Juice
Durva Grass Juice
Durva Grass Juice Useful in Acidity
Direction to Use Durva Grass Juice
Durva Grass Juice In 500ml
Durva Grass Juice

Durva Grass Juice Useful in Acidity

SKU: R-138
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Krishna's Herbal & Ayurveda Durva Grass Juice 

Durva Grass Juice Qualities

Durva swaras are composed of durva grass (cynodon dactylon) loaded with a variety of healthy components. It is also known as Bermuda grass, dubo, bahama grass, ethana grass, couch grass, wiregrass, et cetera is available worldwide. Durva grass is considered as one of the most sacred plants in India and is used to worship Lord Ganesha. Although, it has vast applications as medicinal treatments. Moreover, it assists one in fighting against thyroid disorders. Find out more:

Durva Grass Juice Benefits
  • Improves Immune Function

As discussed earlier, thyroid disorder is mainly caused due to iodine deficiency or unbalanced immune system. Durwa swaras contain immunomodulatory activities that promote functionality of the immunity system. Furthermore, its antiviral and antibacterial properties make it more ideal for immune functions. As a result, immune functions work properly helping you to fight thyroid disorders from its root.

  • Improves Digestion

Nowadays, digestion complications are common in any age due to junk food eating & increased potential diseases. By implementing Durva Swaras one can easily overcome stomach ailments. Also, it helps in improving bowel movements resulting in better digestion.

  • Purifies Blood

Durva grass assists in maintaining the alkalinity of the body; thereby it acts as a natural blood purifier. Additionally, it is effective against blood loss during injury, excessive blood flow during menstrual, nose bleeding, et cetera. It increases the growth of RBC (red blood cells), ultimately, haemoglobin levels.

  • Boosts Heart Health

With the regular intake of Durva Swaras one can control blood cholesterol. As discussed, it helps in purifying blood. It improves cardiac function as it acts as a powerful anti-arrhythmic agent.  


Durva Grass Juice Direction to use

Bottom Line

With the use of Ayurveda one can fight against thyroid disorders. The process gives you the utmost solution by removing the root of the cause. Also, Ayurveda assists you in maintaining the balance of the body by balancing the doshas. Furthermore, consuming Durva Swaras regularly will give you more power to fight against thyroid disorders. 

Durva Grass Juice Ingredients

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