Bhumi Amla Juice

11 Health Benefits of Bhumi Amla Juice That Everyone Should Know About


The bark of the "Bhumi" tree, indigenous to India, is used to make Bhumi Amla Juice, a natural beverage. This tree is a slow-growing perennial shrub that can reach up to 15 meters in height. 

The wood of bhumi amla is dark brown and resembles teakwood. The leaves are heart-shaped, small, and thick with serrated edges along the margin. The flower buds appear at the axils of leaves during the spring season (April-May) followed by fruits that are greenish yellow when ripe.

Ayurvedic Indications of Bhumi Amla Juice

Bhumi Amla Juice

Bhumi amla is mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts for several indications, including Kasahara (relieves cough), Shwasha (solves breathing difficulties), Balya (strengthens muscles), Kantya (gives relief to a sore throat), Deepana (enhances stomach fire), Pachana (aids in digestion), Rochana (stimulates appetite), Anulomana (improves breathing), and Vaman (treats skin disorders).

Top 11 Health Benefits of Drinking Bhumi Amla Juice

Bhumi Amla Juice

1. Best Liver Cleanser 

Bhumi Amla Juice is also considered a natural liver cleanser. It helps in the treatment of jaundice, fatty liver disease, and hepatitis. 

Jaundice is caused due to an increase in bilirubin concentration in your blood, which may lead to the yellowing of skin and eyes. 

Fatty liver disease occurs when your body does not break down fats properly, thereby causing fat deposits to build up in the liver cells. 

Hepatitis refers to an inflammation of your liver due to virus infection (hepatitis A), alcohol abuse, or other toxins like certain medications or chemicals that can damage it.

Amla juice is rich with antioxidants and thus helps prevent free radicals from damaging your body’s tissues and organs such as kidneys, heart, etc., thereby reducing inflammation too!

 2. Control Blood Sugar Levels

Amla is known to have a positive impact on your body’s glucose metabolism, which means that it helps in regulating blood sugar levels as well. 

This can be useful for those suffering from diabetes, as they can see their condition improve and they may no longer require insulin injections or other medications to manage their condition.

It also helps in improving digestion, which indirectly contributes to keeping cholesterol levels down and preventing cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes

Bhumi amla juice is also known for its ability to boost your immune system and prevent infections. 

The high levels of vitamin C present in Amla helps in promoting healthy skin cells and tissues as well as white blood cells.

3. Prevent Cancer Growth

Bhumi Amla is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals and prevents DNA damage. 

According to Statistics, Phyllanthus Emblica (Scientific name of bhumi amla) extracts contain small molecules with both cancer-preventative and antitumor activity.

This can help to prevent cancer by preventing the formation of tumors, as well as reducing the risk of recurrence. 

It helps fight cancer cells and stops their growth.

4. Treat Asthma Problem

Asthma is a respiratory disease that causes inflammation of the airways. 

It can be caused due to allergens, pollution, or other factors. It results in wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing.

There are many drugs available on the market which act as bronchodilators that help to open up your airways so that you can breathe easily again. 

But these drugs have side effects like increased heart rate, dizziness, muscle pain, etc., which may not be good for your body. 

In this case, bhumi amla juice comes as an easy solution to treat asthma naturally without any side effects on your body!

Amla possesses anti-inflammatory properties and due to this amla can effectively reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract thereby improving breathing capacity in Asthma patients.

As amla contains vitamin C it also helps with repairing damaged tissues within our body which further helps us recover from any illness quicker than usual

5. Balance Skin Disorders

Bhumi Amla Juice is also an excellent remedy for skin disorders. It helps in treating acne and eczema, psoriasis, rashes, allergies, and infections. 

Bhumi Amla juice has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness and swelling in the affected areas of your skin. 

This in turn improves the appearance of your complexion significantly by clearing blemishes and scars on your face.

6. Avoid Constipation Problems

Bhumi Amla Juice is rich in fiber and helps in the digestion process. It helps in improving bowel movements and prevents constipation, bloating stomach pain, cramps, etc.

The fiber present in Bhumi Amla Juice is insoluble and soluble. The insoluble fiber delays colonic transit time while soluble fiber increases fecal bulk and softens stools by absorbing water from the intestine.

It also helps in the absorption of nutrients from food and improves digestion.  

The presence of vitamin C in Bhumi Amla Juice enhances immunity, promotes healthy skin and hair, promotes wound healing and prevents infection.

7. Manage Cholesterol Levels

Bhumi Amla Juice is good for your heart. It helps in controlling your cholesterol levels, thus preventing heart diseases and maintaining the good health of your heart.

It contains high levels of vitamin C which helps in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. 

Regular consumption of Bhumi Amla juice can help you lower the risk of developing coronary heart disease by as much as 35%.

8. Improves Eye Health and Vision

Amla is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is essential for eye health.

Vitamin C is required for the production of collagen, a protein that keeps the skin and blood vessels healthy. It also helps to remove free radicals from the body and prevents tissue damage.

Amla juice can also reduce the chances of cataract formation by increasing antioxidant levels in the eye.

9. Increases Mental Clarity and Memory

Bhumi amla is well-known as a traditional Ayurveda treatment to improve brain function. 

Strong antioxidants found in bark enhance a person's memory, focus, concentration, tranquility, and alertness. 

When used as a powder or decoction, bhumi amla improves cognitive functions like memory, thinking, and problem-solving. 

Additionally, it aids in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, memory loss, stress, anxiety, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

10. Treat Kidney Stones 

Bhumi amla has astringent characteristics that aid in eliminating extra fluid, toxins, wastes, and salts from the body through the urine. 

Bhumi amla juice protects kidney health in this way, guards against kidney stones, and makes sure of the body's electrolyte balance. 

The formulations including bhumi amla are also used to treat urinary diseases such as urinary incontinence, painful urination, dysuria, and burning feeling while peeing and thereby prevent chronic kidney failure. 

11. Reduces Joint Discomfort

Due to the potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving actions of its bioactive components, bhumi amla is an effective treatment for pain and inflammation in cases of arthritis and joint discomfort.

It is also used to treat other inflammatory disorders, severe muscle spasms, sore muscles, and arthritic conditions. 

Additionally, it works wonders against rheumatoid arthritis, also known as Amavata in Ayurveda, which is brought on by the vitiation of the Vata doshas.

How Krishna’s Bhumi Amla Juice Healthify your Overall Body?

bhumi amla benefits

Krishna's Ayurveda Bhumi Amla Juice has the best detoxification properties that help detox and strengthen your liver functionality. It is well-known for maintaining a healthy spleen. 

Our Bhumi amla herb is directly picked from the forest in a natural form and then processed under hygienic conditions for making its different products like juice or swaras.

We are a reliable brand and all the Ayurvedic juices manufactured at our place are GMP-certified, with an FSSAI-approved facility that contains all-natural and organic components in it.

Direction to use: Using the measuring cap, mix 30 ml of juice with 30 ml of water. Take twice daily before meals. Complete at least 1 bottle for the greatest benefits. z

Each 100 ml Bhumi Amla Juice contains St.Lf. – 100 ml with authorized class II preservatives less than 0.3% in proper ratio.

To Summarize:

Bhumi Amla is an incredible plant that can help protect your body from all sorts of ailments, and it’s also a great source of nutrients! So if you’re looking for a way to improve your health and ward off sicknesses, try incorporating this into your diet today.

FAQs Related to Bhumi Amla Juice Benefits

Q1. Does Bhumi Amla benefit the liver?

Ans: Bhumi Amla's hepatoprotective, antioxidant, and antiviral properties aid in the management of liver problems and repair any liver damage that may have occurred.

Q2. What portion of Bhumi Amla contains medicine?

Ans: When the leaves are mashed with salt, they can be applied topically to cure skin conditions. Plant decoction is very helpful for treating diabetes and chest pain. A leaf or root decoction is used to heal ulcers.

Q3. Is Bhumi Amla beneficial for losing weight?

Ans: The body can lose extra weight more quickly because of the abundance of flavonoids in bhumi amla.


  • Imliyanger

    Can bhumi amla juice cure my liver cirrhosis

  • Imliyanger

    Can bhumi amla juice cure my liver cirrhosis

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