Triphala Juice Natural Laxative | Glass bottle | 750 ml

Triphala Juice Natural Laxative | Glass bottle | 750 ml
Triphala Juice Natural Laxative | Glass bottle | 750 ml
Triphala Juice Natural Laxative | Glass bottle | 750 ml
Triphala Juice Natural Laxative | Glass bottle | 750 ml

Triphala Juice Natural Laxative | Glass bottle | 750 ml

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Krishna's Herbal & Ayurveda Triphala Juice

Krishna Triphala Juice is perfect & balanced combination of Amla, Haritaki & Bahera. Triphala has significant value in Ayurveda to support the digestive system. Cold-pressed Amla is enriched with Vitamin C which leads to strengthening the digestive system. Bahera has natural sources of vitamins that help to detoxify the body and helps strengthen the immune system. Haritaki has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which promote healthy digestion and fight constipation.


Benefits of Krishna's Herbal & Ayurveda Triphala Juice


SUPPORTS DIGESTION: Krishna’s Triphala Juice is full of natural herbs such as Amla, Haritaki, and Bahera. These three ayurvedic ingredients help fight constipation and help in improving digestion. Triphala Juice has laxative properties which remove toxins from the intestines to fight acidity, stomach upsets and thus keep the stomach clean. Taking this juice daily helps keep your digestion in check throughout the day.


WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: It contains the natural properties of Amla, Haritaki & Bahera, which are rich in antioxidants. It helps fat loss around the belly area and thereby reducing your weight. It helps to cut down unwanted chemicals and unbroken waste from the body.


HEALTHY LIFE: It is a natural & powerful combination that helps to manage immunity and supports metabolism. Triphala juice helps in managing blood sugar and purifies the blood by removing the impurities. It is also helpful for oral health, cavities and helps to remove germs from the mouth. 


QUALITY & TRUST: Krishna’s Triphala Juice is a trusted product. It is an Ayurvedic juice made in GMP, an FSSAI-approved facility, and is made from organically sourced, natural ingredients. It is natural with no added chemicals, heat, sugar, flavors, or colors. Add 30 ml juice using the measuring cap to 30ml water. Consume twice a day before a meal. For best results, complete at least 1 bottle. After opening the bottle, consume it within 1 month.


Each 100 ml Contains: Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) Fr.- 33.33 ml, Harad (Terminalia chebula) Fr. - 33.33 ml Baheda (Terminalia bellirica Fr.) - 33.33 ml with permitted class II preservatives less than 0.3%

Finest Quality Natural Product

Being a natural product, taste and color may vary between batches. Sedimentation is a natural process and defines that the product is genuine and natural. No thickness agent is added.



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